We have pulled together the following resources to help and support you and your family.

Adoption England

Adoption England is a collaboration of regional adoption agencies working together. A small team work nationally to improve adoption practice and develop support and services to better meet the needs of children and families.

Adoption UK

Adoption UK is the leading charity providing support, community, and advocacy for all those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with their birth parents. They connect adoptive families, provide information and signposting on a range of adoption-related issues and campaign for improvements to adoption policy and legislation at the highest levels. With over 8,000 members, they provide a strong, supportive community and are the largest voice of adopters in the UK.


CATCH is an online community of information and support for adopters, special guardians, foster carers, and the professionals who work with them. CATCH is provided by Parents And Children Together (PACT), an adoption charity and family support provider.


Coram have a range of publications and other resources on adoption and fostering, designed to provide you with all the information, insight, advice and support you need.

FASD Awareness

FASD Awareness offer support, education, training, research and information on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). FASD is the term used to describe the lifelong impairments that can result from brain damage caused by alcohol exposure before birth.

Kent Resilience Hub

The Kent Resilience Hub has a variety of resources that will help parents and carers support their children and young people’s emotional growth and mental health. Understanding how your child is growing emotionally and preparing for the challenges they might face can help you make positive changes to promote resilience and respond in a helpful way if your child is struggling.


Moodspark is a space created by young people for young people to help navigate and learn about emotions. The site includes advice and guidance and links to safe places to find out more information and to seek help.

The National Association of Therapeutic Parents (NATP)

NATP provide support, education, and resources for Therapeutic Parents and supporting professionals relating to therapeutic parenting, effective interventions, compassion fatigue and the effects of early life trauma.

New Family Social

New Family Social are a UK charity, led by LGBT+ adopters and foster carers. New Family Social exists to help you decide if adoption or fostering is right for you and then support you on your journey to becoming parents and carers.

We Are Family

We Are Family is a support community that has been built by adopters, for adopters. We're delighted to be working with We Are Family to give you free access to support groups, socials, programmes and resources created exclusively for the adoptive parent community.

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