Peer Connection

As part of the support we offer, we will match you with a peer who can help you.

They can:

  • lend a friendly ear to help you overcome challenges
  • answer questions
  • provide a safe space for you to sound out ideas
  • share handy tips based on their own experiences
  • be there if you just need to chat.

They will be there to share the joys and challenges and will remind you that you are doing a great job. Peers give you the opportunity to talk to a like-minded person who is experiencing the same incredible journey in his or her own unique way.


Conversations between you and your peer are confidential, but the peer will need to let us know that they're in touch with you.

Your peer will only share your conversation with others if:

  • you ask them to engage with us to help with a particular issue
  • you ask about training
  • they perceive an immediate safeguarding issue.

About the peers

Our peers are volunteers:

  • from different backgrounds and family situations
  • who parent children of all ages
  • at various stages of their adoption journey.

The peers are not parenting experts, they are just like you. They will be able to relate to the worries you have and will remember the steep learning curve in the beginning. They won't have all the answers, but will share their experiences and offer some practical advice which might help make your journey a little bit easier.

How they'll support you

The scheme is telephone based and your peer will arrange to speak with you around once a week. They will continue to support you for a few weeks after your child(ren) moves in, but this is flexible depending on your needs.

You can withdraw from the scheme at any time or take a break, you'll just need to let your peer or social worker know.

We do ask that once you have made the agreement with a peer, you engage with them and respond to communication. If you ignore calls or texts, we'll worry about you!

Get a peer

If you have not been matched with a peer or you'd just like an informal chat with one of our peers, speak to your adoption social worker.

“Thank you for all you have done for our child and the family as a whole, you have helped us get through the most difficult part of our lives and we all appreciate everything you have done for us. You will always be part of that journey and thought of with love. We will never forget you.”