Meet other adopted young people

We know that it's important for adopted children and young people to get together. Whether it's to talk about their adoption experiences and how things can be improved, or just to have fun and socialise.

The Adoptables

The Adoptables are a group of young people aged 12 to 18, from Bexley, Kent and Medway. They regularly meet to talk about their experiences of adoption and share ideas about how things can be improved, forming positive relationships and developing their self-confidence along the way.

The group met virtually on Microsoft Teams during the COVID-19 pandemic, but held their first face-to-face meeting during May half-term.

In the past year, the group have discussed:

  • the qualities they think adoptive parents should have, which was used to create a short film now shown at adoption information events.
  • the role and responsibilities of the designated teacher and schools to support adopted young people.
  • the young people’s Guides to Adoption, which will now be updated incorporating their feedback.

Meetings also include fun social activities and food.

Fun activities

Alongside the more formal participation group, the team organises large events, such as a Christmas party for families and fun days for children.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the activities happened on Microsoft Teams due to the restrictions that were in place.

The activities included:

  • arts and crafts
  • science experiments
  • dance activities
  • animal encounters
  • bingo
  • gaming.

As COVID restrictions were lifted, 5 events took place in person over the summer holidays including:

  • water sports
  • skiing and tobogganing
  • horse riding
  • Clip ‘n’ Climb and climbing
  • archery.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the events and we hope that such events allow young people to make friends, have fun and try something new, as well as develop relationships with our participation team.

“My two children went along to the Clip 'n' Climb activity day. I would just like to say a huge thank you to the whole team that put this together. My two had a great time, they really enjoyed themselves and made some friends. I had a lovely chat with some of the mums there and even had half an hour to grab some shopping while they were being safely supervised. When I went back, they were enjoying the mountain of pizza that was laid out for them. They even brought some leftover pizza home for their Dad! It was a win, win situation. So thank you very much for a lovely day.”

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