Who is eligible for support?

You are able to use our adoption support services if you:

  • adopted a child in any of the 3 partnership areas – Bexley, Kent and Medway – and if you still live in the region.
  • adopted a child in Bexley, Kent or Medway, but now live outside the region and it is less than 3 years since the adoption order was made. After 3 years, the local authority where you now live will provide adoption support.
  • live in Bexley, Kent or Medway but adopted through another local authority and it is more than 3 years since the adoption order was granted. Before that, the local authority who placed the child will be responsible for providing adoption support.

In this context, a child is anyone up to the age of 21 (or 25 with a statement of special educational needs or an education health and care plan).

By your side

Our team are here to support you on your adoption journey.

You can call us on 03000 422 373 or email adoption.partnership@kent.gov.uk.

"For me an additional essential benefit of this service is being able to talk totally honestly and openly without fear of judgement or reprisals. The staff that I have come into contact with are of a friendly, curious, knowledgeable and easy going demeanour that makes one feel safe. Their service has been invaluable to both me and my daughter - the road to a happy adoption is not always an easy one, certainly full of complexity but a very rewarding one if you get the right support at the right time! If in doubt contact, have a chat and see if someone is able to support you too!"